Our Business Model Works

  • We don't spend money on advertising (SAVE BIG BUCKS!) so we pass that savings on to our customers.  Return customers and referrals have carried us and we are VERY PROUD of that! :)
  • I have been teaching physical education and coaching for 21 years and love it!  I only learned the trade after getting my first coaching job, a heartbreaking budget and mismatched and missing uniforms.    The business grew because I couldn't say "no" to my friends that needed things fast and didn't sleep much for years.  My set income from teaching means better pay for my employees (happy employees means better productivity ;)  as well as it allows us to provide  extremely competitive pricing with those who don't compensate their employees like we do.  
  • We have purchased the building our shop is in so we aren't going anywhere and neither will any of the art and embroidery files that you pay for!
  • Our company is DEBT FREE!  We own every piece of  equipment  so you will only be paying for your stuff and not ours :)
  •   As we grew we didn't buy more equipment and more space (BIG BUCKS) we just started running 2 shifts....DUH!!!  Even a PE teacher figured that out :)
  • We have grown to where we can do just about everything you will need IN HOUSE!  No more outsourcing nightmares!!!
  • Our Honesty and Integrity has set us apart from so many others.   Our customers TRUST us!  IF YOU HAVE A GREAT AND TRUSTWORTHY VENDOR THAN STICK WITH THEM!  We are not trying to solicit business from people who have EARNED your business.  We certainly welcome those of you that haven't been happy for some reason or another and are willing to give us a shot :)
  • If you live nearby come by, check out our shop and meet the crew.  We make ourselves available after hours to accommodate coaches if need be.
  • Though this sounds like a cute story we have been bamboozled along the way.   I'll start by saying thanks for being patient as we REBUILD our Denyinc.com website :)  In the meantime...e mail us if you have any needs or questions. ​


Don Loperena (Owner)

Deny Sportswear Inc.


Less Hastle!

​Fewer Headaches!

Why us?

Deny Sportswear Inc. was established in 2000 and is the parent company of printmyjersey.com


  • With all of your clean "vector" art at our finger tips we can use your graphics for printing apparel as well as to enhance and design your full color  plaques and awards without any additional art charges!
  • Having your art files on hand means QUICKER TURN AROUND TIMES!
  • If you need us to set up a fundraising or spirit pack website having all of your art will SAVE YOU $!
  • You will get consistent screen printing ink color and embroidery thread colors EVERY TIME!​ 
  • Truly Save $ on screen fees and set up fees.   Set up, registration, clean up and storage is the filthiest, most tedious and time consuming part of this business (not counting artwork ) and is NEVER FREE. Many companies account for the cost in the pricing and call it "FREE".
  • We have an OUTSTANDING art department which is the key  great design ideas, quality prints and quality digitizing for embroidery
  • We offer screen printing, embroidery, sublimation, plaques, trophies, medals, stickers and signs IN HOUSE!!!!  That means NO EXCUSES and OUTSTANDING PRICES!
  • We have accounts with just about every reputable vendor in the business.  If you see it...chances are we can get it.     

Using one vendor for your apparel and awards is ideal for these reasons:

Save Money!

​Save Time!

Keep It Simple Silly!